Running Lando on an Apple Silicon Mac

While I've done some NodeJS based development on my M1 MacBook, I had been procrastinating on doing anything Docker based. I had an opportunity to take the plunge today and decided to go for it.

My understanding is that this config is not officially supported for a variety of reasons, but for me it pretty much just worked.

Here's what I did:

If I run into any quirks as I put it through the paces a bit more, I'll update this post.

Update: Quirks already :)

Upon further restarts things seemed to be getting hung up on the message Scanning to determine which services are ready... Please standby... ? I was able to get past this by adding the following to .lando.yml as mentioned in this issue:

scanner: false

It works, but indicates that there is some mystery issue under the covers. So as the Lando installer says when I install using an existing version of Docker: YMMV.